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Continuing the quest of Roger De Clerck, founder of Beaulieu Belgium, Mieke and Carl Bouckaert established Beaulieu of America in 1978 as the first producer of polypropylene oriental rugs. As sales grew Carl and Mieke invested in yarn extrusion in 1981 becoming the first manufacturer in the carpet and rug industry to produce their own yarn. Sparked by continued growth, the Bouckaerts diversified into tufting carpet in 1984, establishing a factory known today as Beaulieu Commercial in Chatsworth, Georgia.

In 1987, Beaulieu of America’s extrusion capacity was greatly increased with the addition of the Bridgeport, Alabama facility. This modern facility gives Beaulieu the ability to produce nylon polymers and nylon yarns. In 1990, Beaulieu continued its vertical integration with the addition of yet another new facility in Bridgeport, Alabama for the extrusion of polypropylene staple fiber, polypropylene slit film, and weaving of primary and secondary backing.

The expansion in yarn extrusion and polymer capacity is being driven by the growth of the carpet and rug manufacturing. From the first carpet manufactured in 1984 to the acquisition of Conquest Carpet Mills, Interloom, Coronet Industries, Grass More and D&W Carpets, through the establishment of Murray Fabrics, Beaulieu of America has rapidly grown into the world’s third largest carpet producer. With the additions of Marglen Industries, Columbus Carpet Mills, and Peerless Carpet Corporation, Beaulieu of America has further strengthened its position as the number three soft floor covering producer in the world.

Beaulieu of America also looks outside the U.S. borders for growth opportunities. In 1980, Beaulieu Canada was founded for the manufacturing of woven rugs. The 1990 purchase of Coronet yielded Coronet Canada, the second largest manufacturer in Canada. In 1998, Beaulieu acquired Peerless Carpet Corporation, then the number one carpet producer in Canada. This acquisition secured Beaulieu Canada’s position as the largest manufacturer of Carpet in Canada. Overseas production was expanded in 1995 when Beaulieu acquired an Australian Manufacturer, Sterling Carpet Mills, creating Beaulieu Australia. Beaulieu Australia features state-of-the-art extrusion for the production of BCF polypropylene and nylon fibers following the vertical integration philosophy of its parent, Beaulieu of America.

In 2002, Beaulieu of America decided to concentrate strictly on broadloom carpet, and sold its rugs and hard surfaces divisions. This has allowed Beaulieu to focus its efforts on manufacturing high-quality, affordable broadloom carpet.

Your Beaulieu carpet is made using the finest materials and the highest quality control standards, and is intended to last for many years of use. Like all floorcovering materials, it will be subjected to significant amounts of traffic and exposed to many types of soils. It is up to you to make sure you have selected the right carpet for your needs. It is also up to you to see that your carpet is properly cared for. Routine preventative maintenance and periodic deep restorative cleaning allows you to locate, remove and dispose of unwanted substance, restore and maintain your carpet’s color brightness and face fiber integrity, and control odors. When you choose the right carpet for your needs and see that it is properly maintained your carpet will appear and perform at an optimum level over many years of use.

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