Benefits of Wood Floors – Why Homeowners Prefer Wood over Carpet

In the 1950’s, American decorators moved away from hardwood flooring and wall-to-wall carpeting emerged as the popular and desired flooring style.  Although carpeting remained popular in the following years, today’s flooring trend is shifting back to wood floors.  Many homeowners are removing the carpeting in their home and restoring or installing stunning new wood floors.  Homeowners take pleasure in the natural beauty of hardwood and appreciate its easy maintenance requirements.  Other common reasons why more individuals prefer wood floors in Dallas over carpet include:

  • Wood floors add value to a home that carpet cannot
  • Wood floors are longer lasting and can be refinished multiple times for a fresh look
  • There are a variety of woods, colors and finishes available to easily update a room
  • Certain types of hardwood such as hand-scraped hardwood help hide the dents and scratches that are made by families, children and pets
  • Hardwood doesn’t stain as easily as carpet
  • Wood floors do not hold allergens that can sink into carpet
  • Wood floors are a sustainable, renewable and natural material

While there are many benefits of wood floors, with modern advancements in technology, carpeting is more stain and spill resistant than ever.  Some of the industry’s top carpet brands have developed formulas, creating synthetic fibers that repel dirt and stains that were previously absorbed by carpets.  In addition, for individuals looking for a quiet and warm flooring option, carpet is the best choice.

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