Berber Carpet in Dallas – A Versitle Carpeting Option for your Home


Add Comfort and Warmth to any Room with Berber Carpeting

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Berber carpet is a type of style that contains large and small tufts that use a loop pile construction. Berber carpet usually contains small spots of darker colors on lighter shades of background colors. OurDallas Carpeting Company can help you decide which berber style is best for you.

The loops within the construction of Berber carpets give a cushion feeling as you walk, making it more comfortable under your feet. Berber is a good addition to any area of the home that you frequently use. The loops do not get crushed due to pressure, meaning it won’t become less comfortable over short periods of time. Berber carpet also works as insulation, retaining heat (or cold) and sound; making it perfect for a child’s bedroom, playroom, or family room.

The correct installation of Berber carpet is vital to the idea of getting the most bang for your buck. Unprofessional installation can lead to costly damage and uncomfortable results, leading to more expensive repairs. At our Carpet Installation Company in Dallas, we’ll get it right the first time.


More About Berber


Berber carpet was named after a  handmade, bulky textured wool floor coveringmade by a tribe of the same name located in a region of North Africa. Berber carpet is a term used today to describe any broadloom that has the natural off-white, heathered look of the cloaks used by these same tribes people. Berber  utilizes flecked yarns, most often looped, to create a truly unique and identifiable style. The different sized loops varied from larger nubby ones to smaller tighter ones. Different styles of this very popular design are known throughout the industry as level-loop, multi-level-loop as well as cut-and-loop designs. Other styles are also available in pastels and dark tones as well as light natural earthtones.

Berber carpeting made with wool is non-toxic, non-allergenic and will not support bacterial growth. Berber carpets crimped wool loops in this particular manufacturing process, forms millions of air pockets that not only cushions the walk, but also acts as insulators and helps regulate room temperature which will inevitably reduce your energy bills. This style is very easy to clean, durable, yet soft to the touch.

Berber carpet has for years been one of the favorite choices for floor covering. Berber will traditionally show fewer footprints as well as hide vacuum tracks extremely well. Berbers tend to have thicker yarns content than other level loops. The only real negative is taking care to avoid snagging the loops which could damage it. The choices are endless as it is available in not only more expensive wool patterns, but more affordable nylon, olefin, or nylon-olefin fibers.

Berber carpet is traditionally constructed with different multilevel pile heights. Ones made with multilevel loop styling have many advantages over level loop styles. Berbers unique patterning lends itself to a more attractive dimensional design statement and the random effects are quite effective in hiding soiling and tracking. Styles range from the warm and casual to ultra-elegant. The Sisal looks have gained in popularity, with handsome patterns such as the herringbone, basket weave and ribbed styles adding a natural complement to any decor. Neutral and natural color combinations and unique styling will not only bring a degree of warmth to any room, but will also make it easier for you to accessorize with other natural materials such as wicker baskets, wood figurines, and terracotta pottery.

This popular style offers unsurpassed wear ability, while at the same time adding a distinct flavor and character to any room in your home. It is easy to clean, hides footprints and vacuum tracks, very comfortable to walk on, surprisingly elegant yet casual, and will make a nice, welcome addition to any room where it is installed. From a strictly aesthetic standpoint, it will add a dimensional effect not found in any other style or design. It’s understated elegance makes it a great choice for your entire home.