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Ceramic Tile Floor, Carrollton, TXOur Carrollton ceramic and porcelain tile experts offer a wide array of ceramic tile products from the leading tile manufacturers. These include American Olean, Florida Tile, Marrazzi Tile,  Orchid Ceramics and more. CMA Flooring knows that these product lines are sure to compliment your home with style.  Our manufacturer-direct showroom offers first quality ceramic flooring at discount prices, and our large selection will complement any area of your home!

CMA Flooring of Carrollton, Texas’s policy is to be a top-of-the-line ceramic tile store with a full line of quality ceramic tile flooring at great prices. Our website is a mere sampling of our wide range of discount ceramic flooring. If you find a particular tile product, just let us know the manufacturer and style and we will price it for you!

Why Ceramic Tile

The use of tiles as construction items is becoming more general throughout the world. Today, they are not only used in countries where for historical reasons they are generally used, but other cultures are beginning to discover their advantages.

A natural product

Ceramic tiles are impermeable and are made of a clay body with or without an essentially vitreous coating: ceramic glaze. The raw materials that they are made of come from the earth which, together the water and firing, produce a natural high quality product. Thanks to the use of these materials and high technological development, today a wide offer of ceramic products that offer many advantages is available. All this is produced through the use of three basic environmental elements: earth or clay, water and fire.

Easy to clean

Ceramic ware is characterised by its easiness to clean, its ability to be kept from dirt and any type of corruption. Ceramic ware is easily and simply cleaned with a damp cloth and if the surface is dirty or greasy, cleaning agents such as detergents or bleach may be used. The nature of a ceramic surface prevents anything from sticking, and grease may be eliminated easily. Thanks to this, ceramic products are today used generally in bathrooms, kitchens, hospitals, laboratories, swimming pools, and factories…, where their use prevents the generation of dirt and odours. On the other hand, their ability to act as electrical insulators, helps to make ceramic surfaces repel electrically active atmospherical  dust, thus contributing towards our material ease.

Hygienic and anti allergenic

The ability of ceramic surfaces to prevent humidity, also prevents the development of colonies of germs and fungi that are easily generated in constructions with deficient permeability.The action of these organisms on certain non-ceramic surfaces is progressive and may cause stains on the surfaces and deterioration on their inside. Moreover, the proliferation of these agents must be prevented for hygienic reasons. For this reason, their use has increased in places where water is used continuously, such as in bathrooms, kitchens, factories, laboratories, swimming pools, façades…

Final installation

Ceramic surfaces do not require any maintenance after they have been laid, except normal cleaning. Their resistance to abrupt temperature changes, chemical and biological agents, their hardness, resistance to friction…, gives them durability in buildings. A new building made of tiles may remain untouched anywhere. This is why their use has proliferated everywhere and stands out in façades, public areas, shopping centres, promenades and avenues… Their incombustibility also helps to prevent the spread of fires.


Their inertia, i.e., they repel any possibility of biological life, prevents degradation of the atmosphere; once it has undergone firing, clay acquires the same properties as stone or elements of a similar nature.

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