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Exotic Wood Floors to Compliment your Personal Style

Shiraz Angelim Exotic HardwoodsExotic wood flooring offers the biggest spectrum of color and styles to match your personal style. Whether you’re going for an elegant contemporary feel or rustic cabin aura, you are able to create the perfect atmosphere in any setting with these beautiful selections. Our Carrollton, TX flooring company can provide you with the exotic hardwood floors of your dreams.
Exotic flooring touts rich colors and hues with expansive depth from wood species not found in North America. Species individually selected from South America, Africa, Asia, and beyond, at values that will pleasantly surprise you.  This no wax, low maintenance selection is now available in a variety of widths in both engineered and solid construction.

Bamboo flooring is a popular variation of exotic hardwood. Bamboo flooring comes in planks and is installed just like engineered hardwood floors. These floors can be installed over many different types of subfloors. Bamboo is also tree friendly; it can grow from sprouts to harvesting in three to five years, thus an acre of bamboo can provide more flooring than an acre of trees.

Exotic hardwood floors offer unique species distinguished by their origin, color, and sophisticated grain. In addition to their noticeavle elegance, these hardwoods possess excellent hardness and undeniable durability, adding to the appearance and bottom line of your home.

Our Carrollton hardwood flooring company can help you bring the exotic feel of overseas continents right to your Texas home.


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