Guide to Finding the Ideal Flooring for Pets

Whether from dirt, scratching or urination, many pet lovers are familiar with ruined floors and stained carpet.  If you are considering new Dallas floors in your home, but want to remove the headaches associated with carpeting and owning pets, there are several options for flooring for pets.

  • Vinyl Floors.  New advancements in technology have made this synthetic material an extremely durable product.  It is scratch and stain resistant, easy to clean, and doesn’t hold allergens.  Pet owners enjoy vinyl because it is quiet to walk on and helps minimize the sounds of pets walking or running through the home.
  • Stone Tile Floors. Spills and accidents are not a major concern for stone tile and can be easily mopped up and cleaned.  The hard, water resistant surface makes stone tile an ideal material to use in a home with pets.  Additionally, no amount of jumping or rambunctious behavior will dent or scratch the surface.  One of the only disadvantages is tile is typically more expensive than alternatives such as vinyl.  However, many homeowners view tile as an investment, knowing their tile floors will last for many years.
  • Laminate Flooring. Laminate mimics the appearance of hardwood without the hassles of maintenance.  It is a hard material that is difficult to scratch and holds up well to traffic. Also, liquids that are cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time will not affect the appearance of laminate.  Pet owners should keep in mind that laminate may be slippery for animals and may be uncomfortable lie down on.
  • Hardwood Flooring.  Hardwood flooring is generally not one of the best options for pet owners.  Hardwood absorbs liquid even if cleaned quickly.  As a result, urine often leaves a smell and dark stain behind.  Pet nails also create scratches on beautiful hardwood floors.  Fortunately, for homeowners who are unable to part with their hardwood floors, it is possible to coat them with urethane.  The finish will not completely protect your hardwood, but will help minimize scratches and stains.

Pet Friendly Floors that Meet the Needs of your Family & Pet

For more information or assistance in choosing floors that will accommodate your family and your pets, visit our Dallas flooring showroom.  Our experts will be able to show you a variety of pet friendly floors that match your style and fit your budget. You will be able to feel various flooring products and materials and will receive expert assistance from our flooring specialists.  Start planning your remodel and contact CMA Flooring in Dallas today.

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