The Industry’s Most Popular Hardwood Flooring Brands

When deciding which type of hardwood floors to install, many individuals consider the size, the type and the finish of the hardwood.  While these items are important to the overall design and style of a room, you must also consider the brand of the hardwood.  Different hardwood flooring brands have different product offerings, each with their own unique benefits.  The hardwood flooring experts at CMA Flooring in Dallas are going to examine two of the industry’s top brands to help individuals decide which brand will best meet their needs.

Anderson Hardwood vs. Armstrong Hardwood

The first brand is Anderson Hardwood.  The Anderson Flooring company proudly offers American made hardwood flooring and has been in business since 1946.  Their once small family owned company is now one of the leading hardwood manufacturers with flooring that focuses on craftsmanship, quality and innovative design.  Their hardwood comes in multiple colors and range from classic and vintage to sophisticated and luxurious.  Also available is their LusterLock® Ultra finish flooring which has been proven to be up to six times more resistant to scuffs and abrasion in comparison to competitive hardwood flooring finishes. This type of hardwood appeals to families with children and pets and are looking for a scratch resistant Dallas wood flooring option.

The second brand is Armstrong Hardwood.  Armstrong is a worldwide family of approximately 10,800 employees who manufacture and market a vast portfolio of branded products and services.  In particular, their hardwood flooring products are crafted using the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods.  Their vast selection includes rustic hand-scraped hardwoods for individuals who are in search of old world charm, as well as more classic and traditional hardwood options.  Armstrong’s more than 700 high quality flooring options are guaranteed to meet every customers design needs and makes them one of the most popular hardwood flooring brands in the industry.

Offering a Variety of Hardwood Flooring Options for your Home or Office

When it comes to choosing a hardwood flooring brand, you have many options.  However, both the brands featured above offer exceptional quality and can be found at CMA Flooring in Dallas.  We invite you to check out our extensive selection of Anderson, Armstrong and more.  We will help you decide which type of hardwood and which brand will be the best choice for your home or commercial space.

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