Decorating Tips to Add Character to a Home Office

Posted on November 13th, 2015 by

A home office can be used for research, running a business, paying bills or a place to organize your schedule. Most home offices have a dull looking desk and chair in a spare corner of the house, and many have old flooring that may need replacing. However, an office can still reflect the design and style of the rest of the house. Below are some tips to consider when designing a charming home office.

Painting the Walls with a Unique Color

Forget the basic colors and choose a color that will get you excited you to work. Bright colors like lime green or orange can work for some people or perhaps calming colors like botanical green or sea blue for others. Painting two layers of paint, one after the other has dried, can give the color a thick, elegant finish.

Add Some Artwork

A distinct piece of artwork can transform a dull looking space into a stylish office. A framed landscape or a special motivating photo could fit the bill, or a large painting of your children or family would be a great artistic reminder of the reasons you spend time working so hard in this space.

Change Up the Floors

You could try hardwood or stone tile flooring to give your home office an elegant look. You can also achieve the hardwood or stone look without the extra cost by choosing laminate flooring. Laminate flooring usually has a photographic layer on top that closely resembles the natural material’s texture. It’s less expensive to install and does not fade, stain, scuff, or scratch like some other flooring types do. It can also be an easy DIY installation due to its snap-fit panels.

Create Extra Lighting Options

Your home office should have adequate lighting to avoid eyestrain while working. Natural lighting could be a big boost because it may help keep you motivated. Consider installing a skylight or recessed accent lighting. Position your monitor well to avoid glare from the natural light or overhead lighting. A stylish small lamp can also be placed on the table for task lighting purposes.

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