Methods for Installing Hardwood Floors

You have selected the type of floor you want and a finish that matches your personal style and existing space.  However, before you install your new Dallas floor, you have to make one last decision.  How are you going to install your hardwood floor?  There are four different methods for installing hardwood floors to choose from:

  1. Nail Down – With this method, nails are used to fasten the wood directly to the subfloor.  Nail down tends to be used most often with thin wood flooring.  One of the most popular types is ¾ inch solid wood strips or planks which are installed by using 2’ nailing cleats.
  2. Staple Down – Simpler than the nail down method, the staple down method achieves similar results but staples are used to fasten the wood floors instead of nails.  Not all brands and manufacturers recommend the same type of staple gun, so it is important to consult with the manufacturer’s installation guide or a professional before you begin to install your wood floors.
  3. Glue Down – The glue down wood floor installation method uses adhesive to adhere your hardwood to the subfloor.  There are many adhesives on the market, making it crucial for self installers to conduct proper research on which type of adhesive is recommended for the installation of their particular hardwood.
  4. Floating – With the floating method, the floors are not actually attached to the subfloor and “float” above it.  There is a thin pad placed between the subfloor and the floor to protect against moisture and noise.  The planks will be attached together using adhesive or the boards will snap together.

The method of installation for your hardwood will also depend on factors such as the material of your current subfloor and the type of hardwood you are installing.  For instance, solid strip and plank hardwood can only be nailed or stapled down and the glue down method is recommended for engineered hardwoods, as well as parquet floorings.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

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