Do I Need to Use a Laminate Flooring Sealant?

After installing laminate floors, many homeowners find that certain types of laminate are unable to withstand large amounts of water.  As a result, they begin to search for an extra layer of protection for their laminate.  One of the most common solutions is a laminate floor sealant.  The experts at CMA Flooring explain the different types of sealants for your laminate floors in Dallas.

  • Temporary Sealant – Laminator restoration products can be used to add additional and temporary protection to laminate floors.  The products contain diethylene glycol and dipropylene glycol to help resist scratches and water.  The sealant is mopped over the laminate and takes about two hours to dry and homeowners are able to enjoy the sealant for several months.
  • Long Term Sealant – Polyurethane coatings are plastic, resin coatings that can be applied to the surface of laminate floors.  Homeowners turn to polyurethane laminate floor sealant for permanent protection from moisture and scratches.  It is important to keep in mind that these types of coatings were not originally designed for laminate use and may not offer the same results as when applied to other types of floors.

Proper Care for Laminate Floors

Although there are many laminate flooring sealants available on the market today, sealing your entire floors are not always recommended. Laminate flooring was created and designed to withstand scratches on its own and adding additional sealants may void the warranty, cause additional problems, or flake off quickly after being applied.

The more preferred laminate sealant option is crack sealant.  This type of sealant is mostly used in areas of the home that are exposed to moisture such as the bathroom or kitchen.  Laminate crack sealer fits in the cracks between tiles or boards and creates a waterproof barrier.  This helps keep the tiles from buckling or warping and is often preferred over sealing the entire floor.

If you would like advice on proper care for laminate floors or need information about which sealant to use on your particular floors contact CMA Flooring today at 972-418-6606.  In addition to professional installation, we offer a wide selection of laminate floors from the industry’s top brands. If you are considering installing new laminates, we guarantee you will be able to find a quality product that meets your needs.

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