Limestone Flooring in Carrollton – Ideal for your Home or Business

The Benefits of Limestone Flooring

Limestone FlooringLooking for a comfortable stone floor that won’t irritate your feet like marble or granite do after prolonged standing or walking? At CMA, our limestone floors also feel good and are cool to the touch with a sense of softness that juxtaposes its incredible durability. Our professional Carrollton, TX Flooring Company offers you the finest limestone tiles for your home or business. Limestone is a softer stone than marble, meaning that it is less suitable than other types of stone flooring in high activity rooms such as kitchens, where caustic or acidic spills will stain and in some cases badly damage its surface.

There are plenty of reasons to choose limestone – even in a world where flooring choices are a dime a dozen. Limestone has been used historically for thousands of years, and standing the test of time gives it a timeless aura when installed in your home. Limestone is also never given the credit it deserves in regard to toughness and durability. Although it is a softer stone than marble and is therefore prone to more wear and tear, as long as it has been treated and sealed properly from the outset, it will give many years of good service and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Here we will go into the pleasures and pains of owning a good looking, timeless, durable and long lasting material for your interior flooring.

Our Carrollton, Texas flooring experts can provides the finest limestone floors with nearly infinite possibilities in the way of style selection.


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