Low Maintenance Flooring Options

Flooring has the ability to change the look and feel of any room.  Some flooring options such as carpeting are known to make a room appear bigger and add warmth, while alternatives like hardwood are installed to add classic sophistication.  However, in addition to the appearance of different types of flooring, you must keep in mind how much maintenance you are willing to put in your floors.  If you have time to properly maintain your Dallas floors, you will be able to enjoy their beauty for longer, increase their lifespan and ensure that your investment is worthwhile.

At CMA Flooring in Dallas, we understand not all homeowners have the time available to maintain certain types of flooring.  As a result, our showroom features a variety of low maintenance flooring options including:

  • Engineered Hardwood Flooring
  • Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Porcelain Tile Flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Laminate Flooring

Each of the above low maintenance flooring options has its own set of pros and cons, which will vary depending on the homeowner’s personal preferences and what room the flooring will be installed.  Generally speaking, most homeowners are in search of low maintenance flooring for their kitchen, an area where spills and stains are common.  For kitchens, hardwood, ceramic and porcelain, vinyl and laminate are all great options for floors that offer infinite styles at various price points.

Low maintenance flooring in Dallas is also great for families with pets.  Pets have a reputation for brining in dirt and debris from outdoor areas.  Hard flooring surfaces that are easy to clean and are water resistant allow pet owners to enjoy their flooring investment for as long as possible.

For large families or families with young children, floors with low maintenance are the best option when installing new floors.  They are more resistant to stains and scratches, and are easy to clean in case of an accident or spill.  Many parents also find they do not have the time to maintain other flooring alternatives such as hardwood flooring and prefer the convenience provided by laminate or tile floors.

At CMA Flooring in Dallas, we have a team of flooring experts that are available to help you pick the flooring that meets your maintenance needs and fits your budget. Visit our showroom today or contact us at 972-418-6606 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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