5 Luxury & High Quality Flooring Options for Your Home

Posted on September 29th, 2014 by

For those with ample disposable income, there are a plethora of luxurious flooring options that will distinguish your home from others on the block. If you are seeking extravagant flooring options that will impress your friends and create an air of elegance and sophistication, then look no further than these five luxurious choices, presented by Carpet Mills of America:

  1. Marble: Marble is one of the most distinguished of stones, and at $15 to $20 per square foot, it is one of the pricier stones as well. Nonetheless, nothing quite compares to the sleek and enticing feel of cold marble sweeping through a home.
  2. Mosaic Floor Tiles: For those seeking to add a flare of art and creativity to their houses, mosaic tiling is the way to go. From fractal patterns to floral designs, you can create a unique masterpiece that will stun your friends.
  3. Hand Scraped Hardwood: If you desire to create a more rustic and earthy ambiance, then scraped hardwood is a prime candidate. Scraped hardwood will give your home a warm and inviting feel, creating a sense of refined maturity and intimate antiquity. Click here for some of the more affordable hand scraped hardwood choices that still deliver on luxury and quality.
  4. Exotic Hardwood: Exotic woods are in demand, and there is nothing like rare and intriguing imported wood to spark profound conversations at parties. Boasting pink ivory, harvested from deep within the Zimbabwe rain forests, is just the thing to add a touch of worldliness and authenticity to your home.
  5. Luxury Vinyl Tiles: The aptly named luxury vinyl will provide your home with an elegant feel for a fraction of the price of traditional tiles. Additionally, luxury vinyl is capable of retaining heat more effectively than traditional tile, making it an ideal alternative in cooler climates.

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