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The velvety appearance of Saxony Carpet makes it a definitive addition for a modern, formal interior. To some the visability of vacuum marks and footprints could be a deterrent, to others, that trait gives the carpet a level of beauty and texture. For more high-traffic areas, a dense Saxony carpet should be considered.

The Saxony manufacturing process is generally thought to be superior and isequated with a high quality product. Therefore, the word has become synonymous with a carpet of higher quality although it may not be an actual carpet produced by Saxony.

Saxony Carpet in CarrolltonWhen the term Saxony is used in referral to a style of carpet, it refers to a cut looppile. The carpet is woven in loops and then sheared to make an even surface. They are of a dense weave and a soft fiber, creating a plush and very soft carpet that is known for its comfort and softness underfoot. This luxuriant quality makes it highly desirable for many people. It exudes elegance and lavishness. They are generally sold in solid colors with a smooth surface.

Benefits of Saxony Carpet:

  • Perfect for living rooms and dining rooms
  • Displays small, yet noticeable highlights and accents
  • Beautiful with traditional interiors
  • Perfected cut-pile surface
  • Luxuriously soft, smooth texture
  • Adds a distinctive elegance to any room

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