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Carrollton Textured CarpetTextured carpet can go hand-in-hand with just about any décor, from casual to formal. The pattern feature on textured carpet is created by giving some of the tufts a bit of additional twist, causing them to curl back unto themselves. These tufts within textured carpet then reflect light differently than the straight tufts. When the additional twist is given to all tufts, the style is called a textured carpet or textured Saxony. Our Carrollton, TX carpeting company can aid you in the professional installation of textured carpet.

This type of carpet comes in both patterned and solid styles, and with an added twist of the fiber can help reduce the noticability of vaccum marks and footprints. Frieze and Trackless are both highly textured cut pile constructions. These are ideal if you are looking to minimize the appearance of footprints and vacuum cleaner marks. Frieze carpet’s tightly-twisted, textured carpet with highly durable surface fiber has made it a popular choice in homes all around the world. Its nubby appearance is not only singular, but practical as well. Trackless style constructions usually fall somewhere between a Textured Saxony and a Frieze. Both styles can be classified as either casual or formal, and both are perfect for a room with high-traffic.

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