The Difference between Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Laminate floors provide all the beauty of hardwood floors without the jaw-breaking price tag. These floors are easy to install and are perfect for those who love DIY projects.

Laminate floors have a distinct structure made up of layers. The bottom most layer is the base layer and thus is made to be moister resistant in order to prevent damage. The layer above the base layer is called the core. This layer is composed of strong material that allows the plank to withstand impacts from furniture, footsteps and other things that will come into contact with the surface layer. The next layer is the surface layer. This layer is a high-resolution image of a natural hardwood type that gives off the look and appeal of the floor. Finally the last layer is the wear layer. This layer is what is coated on top of the surface to protect against wear and tear.

Dallas Laminate floors are a great flooring option that combines form and function. For those who are looking for the look of hardwood without the high price tag, laminate floors are the way to go.

Vinyl floors are much like laminate in that they mimic the look of higher end flooring options but are easy on the wallet. Vinyl floors are ideal for both high traffic areas of a home and everyday areas of a home.

Durability and affordability, style and functionality; these are the characteristics that explain vinyl floors. Unlike the vinyl floors of the past that were susceptible to instant damage, the vinyl floors of today are reengineered for perfection and longevity. Its high moister resistance and durable design make Dallas vinyl floors the ideal flooring option for kitchens and bathrooms. This flooring option mimics tile, stone, slate and other natural flooring options while staying on budget. If looking for a flooring option that gets the job done, while looking great, then vinyl floors are your ideal option.

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