Carrollton, TX Travertine Flooring – A Unique Flooring Option

Benefits of Travertine in Your Home or Office

Carrollton Travertine FloorTravertine is a form of limestone that is typically deposited in hot springs and streams. Travertine is often mined from Italy, but can also come from Mexico, parts of Southwest America, and Eastern Europe. Regardless of where it was mined, our Carrollton tile company can install the perfect travertine tiled floor.

Travertine can be purchased in a number of different finishes; and it begins with filled and unfilled. Filled travertine tiles have been filed down and “filled” so that the imperfections in the rock are smoothed over, creating an even surface. Unfilled tiles have holes and imperfections that are left exposed. The rock can have a glossy surface or a matte surface, depending on how the travertine tile was processed. Honed tile tends to have a matte look, while tumbled tile tends to have a rougher, more natural appearance.

Travertine tile is also available in a cross-cut style known as saturnia. Saturnia is cut against the grain, rather than with the grain as travertine tile is traditionally processed, creating a very distinctive appearance. Regardless as to where the stone comes from, the quality tends to be remarkably consistent with the quality that has come to be expected out of travertine tile.

To experience the elegance of travertine tile in your home, call our professional Carrollton, Texas flooring company for more details.


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