7 Crafty Ways to Use Wallpaper

Posted on January 26th, 2015 by

Who says wallpaper is just for wall? The truth is, it can be used in a variety of unexpected ways around your home. The design experts at CMA Flooring in Carrollton offer these 7 fresh suggestions for using wallpaper.

1. Backdrop of a Bookcase
Transform a boring bookshelf into a vibrant statement piece with wallpaper backing. To make the job easier, pull out the shelves and cut large pieces of paper to fit the space.

2. Ceiling Art
Walls shouldn’t get all the attention. Add visual interest to a room by putting wallpaper on the ceiling. To avoid clashing hues, select a design that complements your wall color. Also, keep in mind darker colors will make the ceiling feel lower.

3. Picture Frame Gallery
Frame pieces of wallpaper and arrange them in a stylish design to dress up your walls. To amp up the visual, choose different patterns in matching colors or use frames in different sizes and shapes.

4. Drawer Lining
For little pops of color throughout the home, add wallpaper to the bottom of various drawers in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and office. It may not be on display for all to see, but it is sure to brighten your day and surprise guests.

5. Outlets and Light Switch Covers
Often, outlet and switch covers are the same color as the walls they sit on. You can turn covers into another design element by gluing wallpaper to them. Be sure to precisely cut the paper to accommodate the holes to avoid any interference with function.

6. Back Wall of a China Cabinet
More than likely, your china hutch is where you display your prized possessions or fine dishes. To further highlight your keepsakes, wallpaper the interior of your cabinet. Elegant options include paisley prints, chevron stripes, or fleur-de-lis.

7. Front of a Filing Cabinet
If you have an old filing cabinet that’s been an eyesore for too long, throw some wallpaper on it. Or, consider just adding wallpaper to the front of the drawers for a pop that isn’t over the top.

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