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6smlDo you want cabinets for function, or for style? Well, why not have ones that accomplish both. At CMA Flooring, we offer Carrollton, TX Vanity Cabinets that not only fulfill their purpose, but look great while doing so. Whether you’re looking for cabinets that are sleek & chic or bright and bold, our CMA Flooring Showroom in Oceanside, is the one stop shopping place for all your cabinetry needs. Cabinets are a necessity to any home, but why not turn that necessity into something fun and beautiful. Vanity cabinets allow you to bring style and character to your home. They can turn any dull room into a showroom. If you are thinking about bringing beauty, style and creativity into your home then vanity cabinets is the way to go. As the industry’s experts in Custom Vanity Cabinets in Carrollton, Texas, we will help you choose the ideal cabinets to feed your needs and budget. Our cabinetry collection features a vast array of colors and wood types to choose from. Cabinet material types you can choose from include Maple, Hickory, Oak, Cherry and Thermofoil. Each wood type has its own character and presence it brings to a home. If you are looking for something light and casual then Maple would be the preferred choice for you. If you are looking for something more sophisticated and professional then Cherry is the most popular choice. With each wood type comes a variety of color subgroups to choose from including Hazelnut Glaze, Honey, Butterscotch, Tawny, Espresso and Bordeaux. The extensive range of colors, wood types, sizes, and design types will allow you to bring your personal style and flair into your living space.

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