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Durability and Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Durable Vinyl FlooringBecause of its attractive price and easy installation, vinyl has become a highly popular choice of flooring. Vinyl tiles or planks are usually made with cork that is mixed with resin and glossed over to give it a perfect-looking shine.

Vinyl flooring also possesses an impermeable ability to resist stratches, scuffs, and most other forms of minor damage; all while maintaining a like-new, clean look that wil continue to attract remodelers for years to come. Vinyl flooring is almost always a perfect fit for any kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl flooring is usually installed in the form of tiles or sheets. Some stay in place via a felt backing, while some require adhesive material to keep them where they should be. The ease of installation, in unison with the price tag, makes vinyl one of today’s most popular choices for flooring.

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