What is the Life of a New Carpet Floor?

Carpet floors are among the most popular flooring option in United States. With over half of all homeowners choosing carpet as their main floors, the appeal of this flooring option is not hard to miss. Carpet flooring provides warmth and insulation, beauty and style, but with all this comes the responsibility of maintenance in order to keep the life of a new carpet strong and long.

Many times we buy a new carpet and care and tend to it while it is new. As time wears on and the carpet becomes a familiar and routine part of every day life, we tend to forget its maintenance and upkeep. As the years go on and the carpet becomes dirtier and dirtier, we realize that the carpet underneath our couch and bed resemble little to the rest of the carpet we traverse through everyday. This is when many people realize how poorly maintained their carpets are and thus decide to get a new one. Why not save yourself the time and money spent replacing carpets every few years by investing in the maintenance and upkeep of your carpet everyday.

When installing new carpet floors, it is important to remove the old carpet and underlay. Many times people want to save a few bucks and so decide to place new carpet on top of existing carpet. This shortcut ends up becoming a major problem for many homeowners. Dallas carpet flooring should be installed properly in order to maintain a long life and comfort use.

One of the best ways to keep carpet floors looking great is by deep cleaning or steam cleaning them every year (or as needed). By deep cleaning or steam cleaning your carpets, deep down dirt, dust, mud, food particles and other messes are loosened and lifted out of the carpet. If left in place, these particles can begin to rot causing horrible stains and an unpleasant odor to develop in your carpet.

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