Wire-Brushed Flooring in Carrollton, TX – A Natural Flooring Option

Wire Brushed Floors Add a Personalized Touch to Any Room

Carrollton Wire Brushed WoodNothing says it’s had a long exposure to foot traffic like our wire brush treated flooring. This surface treatment allows us to remove the soft-grain in any wood specie giving the remaining wood a unique and antique/weathered look. You will enjoy what we at Historic Floor refer to as the “movement” of wood grain by selecting our wire brushed treatment.

Wire brushing brings out the grain in the hardwood. Our Carrollton wood floor company removes the sapwood by brushing, causing a highlighted grainy effect that is not only visible on close inspection, but obvious feel.

Our wire-brushed wood technique gives a natural, yet pleasing textured surface to each plank of hardwood. Wire-brushed planks removes the softer wood fibers and opens up the grain bringing enhanced definition to each plank. This hand crafted surface combines well with Hand Scraped edges for a truly unique look.

If it’s the wire-brushed look that you desire, our Carrollton, Texas flooring company can provide you with an excellent selection from our Carrollton showroom.


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