Top 7 Design Trends for 2014

Posted on February 10th, 2014 by

Home design trends are constantly evolving and changing and 2014 is no different. In this upcoming year you can expect to see a focus on open and inviting spaces, welcoming colors and a lot of mixing and matching of styles.

If you’re looking to update your home’s aesthetics, read and implement these 7 design tips and we guarantee you’ll soon become the envy of all your friends:

  1. Mix and match all of your décor. Gone are the days of matching throw pillows and uniform color patterns. Now home owners are encouraged to break rules of the past by adding style and diversity with mismatched pillows and upholstery.
  2. Out with beige boxes. And in with black and white walls! Keep wall color simple with beautifully pristine white hues but add a dramatic accent wall painted gray, black or navy blue. This is especially important to nail trend #1. By keeping walls a neutral color you have more room to play with other prints and styles.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use more than one metal. Along with mixing prints, interior designers are seeing more people mixing metals. Copper, Gold and silver metallic accents look great on a vanity, bookshelf or coffee table to add a little glam and personality to your living space.
  4. Balance the past and present. While the used vintage trend is still thriving, now we suggest you throw in some modern details to balance it out. Try scoring some beautiful vintage furniture like a coffee table or bookshelf at your local thrift store but arrange it next to a modern painting, chair or entertainment system.
  5. Add richness in a different tone. Affordable hardwood flooring in Carrolton still reigns as the preferred flooring choice, but now home buyers are looking for more warm honey-toned shades instead of the previously favored darker wood.
  6. Favor light and bright spaces. When decorating your home it’s now important to think “cozy” with fur-covered chairs and overflowing natural light. Opening up the kitchen and living room space is especially important if you’re trying to keep up with these Jonses.
  7. Highlight the heart of the home. Speaking of kitchens, if you’re picking one room in your house to revamp, this is it! There’s a big focus this year to make kitchens an inviting space that connects to the rest of the home. Consider adding luxurious but cheap granite countertops, high-tech “invisible” appliances and uniform flooring that flows into connecting rooms.

Follow these 7 design trends and forget about the Jonses, your neighbors will be trying to keep up with you, especially if you get new and affordable flooring installed by CMA Flooring in Carrollton, TX. Trust your flooring and countertop needs to us and you could save money with our limited time offer of $100 along with 0% financing!

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