How to Tell If Your Old Wood Floors Can Be Revived

Posted on November 4th, 2016 by

When wood floors are well taken care of, they can be one of the most beautiful features in a home. However, homeowners sometimes neglect caring for their floors, which leaves it up to the next owner to try to revive them. The staff at Carpet Mills of America, a leading provider of flooring in Carrollton, is here to help you determine if you can take your old wood floors and make them look as good as new.

Water Damage Is Minimal

Water that has seeped in underneath the boards or has pooled on top of the wood too long can cause permanent damage. If a few boards of the floor have warped, cracked, or splintered, it’s usually not a big deal to rip those out and replace them with the same species of wood. On the other hand, the floor will need to be replaced if the majority of the boards are severely warped and mold has begun to grow underneath. Get help from professionals if need be, and be careful of any nails that may be underneath the wood while you’re tearing up the floor.

The Sealant Has Kept the Floors Protected

If the sealant has worn off your floor without serious damage, your floor can likely be saved. Prep the floor by sweeping up as much debris as possible and scrubbing it down with a soft brush before continuing on to the last step of applying the sealant. Be sure to inspect for divots and repair the floor before any new sealant is applied.

There Is No Rot

Rotten wood can be difficult to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Sometimes the surface of a floor can look decent when the underside is rotting away. If you want to refinish a particularly old wood floor, it’s a wise idea to inspect the wood for rot, or you can have a professional take a look at it before deciding your next step.

Glue and Other Buildup Can Be Sanded Down

Over time, glue, oil, and other things may have spilled on a wood floor. Some of these things can leave the surface uneven and difficult to walk on. If your floor cannot be sanded down to a satisfactory level, you may need to consider a new type of wood flooring Carrollton homeowners rave about, such as the hardwood planks made by Anderson, Shaw, or Mannington. Otherwise, you can sand the floor, prep it, and have it refinished.

Unfortunately, not all wood floors are salvageable, and it may be time to go ahead and replace yours with something new you can take care of from day one. In addition to our extensive selection of gorgeous wood floors, we also offer a wide variety of carpet, custom limestone floor, vinyl, and laminate. Give us a call today at 972-418-6606 or stop by our showroom for a free quote.