2015 Home Design Trends: Carpet Makes a Comeback

Posted on May 25th, 2015 by

Carpet was the wicked stepsister of flooring, with modern designs steering the home design industry to hardwoods, laminates, and luxury vinyl. Well, hang on to your floorboards because CMA Flooring in Carrollton has some big news! Carpet is back! Home design trends are coming back around to carpet, and it is bolder and more beautiful than ever.

The New Neutrals

Forget about beige, because the grays and new neutrals are here. Taupes, grays, and muted tones of blue or teal determine the tone of your room’s color palette. These shades are very soothing, but set the stage for bright pops of color in the room. Popular accent colors for this year are pink, orange, coral, and fresh shades of green, and window treatments, bright pillows, and artwork will make a statement against the new neutrals.

Soft and Comfortable

Carpeting in Carrollton is more luxurious and gentle beneath the feet than ever before. New textures include soft loops, patterned, and plush velvet piles. A strong emphasis on foot-comfort is evident in today’s new carpets, making them especially desirable for bedrooms and more formal areas of the home.


The influence of patterned vintage carpets is evident in new flooring trends, emphasizing organic shapes such as flowers, leaves, or trellises. Various styles of multi-colored loops, or Berbers, in strong, earthy colors are making a bold statement in the carpet industry. These carpets become the focal point in your room’s design.

Dark and Bold

High traffic areas require a durable carpet capable of hiding dirt and wear. New industry trends include strong carpets in level loop pile using stripes and dark tones such as charcoal or chocolate browns. This carpeting is prefect for entranceways, hallways, or stairs.

Whether you love the new neutrals, patterns, or a natural fiber like sisal, carpeting is still a quality choice for your cozy, comfortable home. Before deciding on new flooring, come down to our showroom and take another look at today’s carpet. You will be glad you did. We can also update your countertops and cabinets in Carrollton for a whole new look. Or, give us a call at (972) 418-6606 for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.