Will Installing Carpet Make My Home Look Outdated?

Posted on May 26th, 2014 by

Carpeted flooring is making a big comeback this year, although some might argue that it never really went out of fashion. Today’s carpeting options have come a long way from the outdated styles of the 1970s and 80s. Today’s carpet flooring styles come in a wide range of textures, colors and patterns to fit every different type of lifestyle. 

Keeping up with the Joneses
There can be many questions to consider when choosing the right flooring needs for a home. One major thing many consider is the aesthetic appeal and the current flooring trends. Depending on the carpet style, color and a home’s interior design style, carpet can actually add appreciated elements of better acoustics, softer lines and an overall warmer feel to a space. For carpet that sticks with 2014 trends, look for fun patterns in neutral colors, looped carpeting, or vibrant morocco designs.

Key Carpeting Questions to Ask Yourself

Opting for really cool carpeting opens up a world of incredibly beautiful flooring perks. If you’re looking for that “wow” factor you first need to consider a few things:

  • What is the type of room that a Carrollton, TX flooring specialist will be installing the new flooring in? Lighter colors make small spaces appear larger while vibrant patterns may only make a small room seem cramped and overwhelming.
  • What is your personal design preference? While whimsical patterns including circles, chevron designs or sleek lines are trending this season, don’t purchase these patterns if you’re more of a minimalist or would prefer one solid color throughout your home.
  • Don’t forget carpets also come in new and improved fabrics and textile choices to keep feet happy and your family healthy. If you have pets consider getting carpeting with anti-allergen properties. If you have young children or enjoy hosting parties, a stain-resistant carpet will be a wise and long-lasting choice.

There are so many carpet selections for today’s modern home. If you’re still not sure about which carpet flooring style would be best for your home, set up a free consultation with the trusted flooring experts in Carrollton, Texas at CMA Flooring. CMA is also offering $100 off new flooring when you like CMA on Facebook.

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