Flooring Trends Popular in Carrollton Homes

Posted on May 5th, 2014 by

This year is an exciting time for flooring with a cornucopia of options and styles coming in to the mix. Visually, the right flooring can tie rooms together for an aesthetically pleasing flow if it’s done right. This is especially true with the more modernistic open floor space floor plans creating a seamless element of design which is taking the design world by storm in 2014.

While an open concept layout is preferred, hardwood flooring is still just as popular as ever, accounting for over one third of the flooring used in home today. This year you will start to see wood flooring move into kitchens and dining rooms creating a uniform appearance. This “one floor, every room” idea creates the appearance of larger and more open rooms.

In this New Year we are also going to see multiple flooring designs and textures being mixed together. Interior designers are now utilizing polished and unrefined materials such as wood, ceramic or stone all together to create one personalized home aesthetic. Thismix-and-matchstyle is then balanced out with dark color schemes, with a focus on black and gray, and worn textures.Vintage wood flooring with hand scraped or wire brushed accents are going to be popping up in homes across the country this year. This trend beautifully blends the refined with the rustic, a back to basics approach with a modern twist.

Another growing interest is the use of wider flooring panels. Instead of the standard 2 to 3 inch wood board flooring manufacturers have been producing5 to 8 inch floor boards. Ceramic tile has also grown in size, moving from 3 to 6 inches to as large as 12 inches. Wider planks and tiles lend way to the continuous flooring trend while adding an element of modern geometry when changing the plank lengths to create a puzzle-like appearance.

Also growing in demand is vinyl flooring, primarily because manufacturers have done their homework and realized that they were losing their spot in the marketplace. Now in 2014,vinyl manufacturers are making vinyl flooring that imitates ceramic or wood flooring. Nobody will know that your wood or ceramic look-a-like is really high quality and long lasting vinyl flooring in Carrollton.

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