Budget-Friendly Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Posted on January 12th, 2015 by

Remolding and restoring your kitchen often comes with a significant expense. However, there are many inexpensive ways to make your kitchen look high-end and spendy without actually spending too much. CMA flooring, a leading Carrollton flooring store, offers 7 tips on how to do just that.

  1. Change the Color Scheme
    Painting the walls of your kitchen a lighter color will immediately make the room feel bigger and brighter, and by turn more expensive. Light color paint is also great for camouflaging dents or scratches.
  2. Reface the Cabinet Doors
    Refacing is a very cost-effective alternative to replacing the doors of your kitchen cabinets, and DIYers can usually tackle this project on a weekend without professional help. You can even bring in a few glass doors to act as accent pieces or to showcase cool kitchen items you might have.
  3. Replace the Hardware
    It might sounds crazy, but simply replacing the hardware in your kitchen can completely change its look and feel. Poke around online or head to the local hardware store to find new pulls that will give your kitchen a luxe look and feel.
  4. Spring for New Lighting
    Outdated or standard lighting makes any room look shabby (without the chic) and run-of-the-mill. This is one area where you’ll want to splurge a little. Adding a modern chandelier, under-cabinet lighting, or accent lighting will make the kitchen look warm, inviting, and also sophisticated.
  5. De-clutter
    Keeping your countertops free of clutter will open up the space and make the kitchen look larger. Refrain from putting out an entire set of decorative jars or vases, keep sugar, flour, and tea containers in a nearby cabinet, and small appliances can be hidden away and easily retrieved when needed.
  6. Updating Large Appliances
    Stainless steel is the current appliance trend favored by many homeowners, but nice stainless steal ovens, fridges, and microwaves add up quickly. It’s a little known fact that the current working appliances in your home can be re-painted with a stainless steel finish, making them look posh and up-to-date.
  7. Decorate the Breakfast Table
    Adding candles, a new centerpiece, a fruit bowl, or funky and fresh placemats will help update the overall kitchen style. Choose whimsical tableware for a distinctive look.

Although full kitchen remodels can jump into the tens-of-thousands pretty quickly, it’s possible to upgrade your kitchen with fairly minimal effort and cost if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease. If and when you are ready to make bigger changes, like replacing your current flooring with eco-friendly bamboo flooring, the flooring experts at CMA Flooring are standing by to help. Our experts can walk you through the differences in flooring, assist in choosing the right one for your needs, and provide a free estimate. Call us today at (972) 418-6606 to request your free in-home consultation.