Understanding the Different Types of Grout Color for Floor Tiles

Posted on December 22nd, 2014 by

Homeowners redoing their tile flooring may spend days agonizing over tile color, size, and shape for various rooms in the house. Once the decision is made it can feel like a weight has been lifted, until the crushing revelation that now it’s time to choose a grout color. There are three main categories of grout colors and the flooring experts at CMA Flooring in Carrollton help homeowners better understand their options.

Contrasting Grout
Contrasting the tile and grout colors can make for an eye-catching and beautiful tile design. The contrasting color will create focus on the tile pattern and layout, making the floor a design element in and of itself and is often a good choice with decorative or geometric tiles.

Neutral Grout
Neutral grout colors are a safe bet because they will go with all types of tiles. Choosing a neutral color such as beige, gray, or brown is generally a good bet for bathroom tiles, and is also a safe bet for homeowners at all concerned with the resale value of their house. People might not be wowed by the neutral look, but they won’t dislike it either. 

Matching Grout
Matching grout color to tile is typically the right choice for homeowners who’ve chosen a basic layout and beautiful and/or pricey options like granite or marble tile. The matching color will keep focus on the beautiful tiles. 

Color Selection
There are plenty of pros and cons for light and dark grout colors. It really comes down to personal preference and what function the homeowners want the tile flooring to serve. A dark grout color can create beautiful geometric patterns when used with light tile, and it will hide dirt and stains better than lighter grout. But, dark grout can also stain or fade from cleaners. Neutral colors are easy to maintain and won’t fade or discolor as easily as darker colors, but, they won’t have the same pop as the light or dark options. Homeowners can request a small mock up of tile and grout colors, it will cost a little extra but could prevent a huge headache in the future when the white tile and moss green grout don’t look quite as good together on the floor as they did in theory.

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