Increase Storage with These Creative Tips

Posted on February 9th, 2015 by

Controlling clutter and staying organized is a challenge for most households, and handy shelves and hooks aren’t always enough to keep disorder at bay. Those things we use daily must be at our fingertips, while things we use less work fine in harder to reach places. With these six clever ideas for better organization brought to you by CMA Flooring in Carrollton, you’re bound to find the best way to stash—and find–stuff.

1. Bag your bedding. To keep your linen closet in order, store sheets inside matching pillowcases to consolidate bulk and prevent future messes that can be made in the hunt for matching sheet sets. This will also free up room for things like towels, extra toiletries, and extra pillows or blankets.

2. Consolidate cords. Electrical cords and power strips are messy and can spoil the clean lines of a room. By attaching metal storage baskets underneath desks, they’ll be kept out of sight even when in use. While vacuuming or sweeping, you’ll be happy not to have to fiddle with these dust collectors.

3. Increase cabinet space. To maximize cubic inches in cramped places like cleaning cabinets, put up a horizontal rod. This will provide a perfect spot to hook spray bottles and hang rubber gloves or rags. It will also free up space so you can maximize the cabinet’s capacity.

4. Head downstairs. Some basement ceilings might have exposed floor joists and these are great places to install shelves for items that are rarely used, like holiday decorations or packed away memorabilia. Look at your house’s distinctive features and think about their untapped potential.

5. Corkboard cabinets. Put corkboard inside kitchen cupboards to hang measuring cups and spoons, bags of seasonings, or recipes.

6. Combine seating with storage. Find a bench for the entryway, mudroom, kid’s room, or even kitchen that has drawers or baskets beneath for added storage. It’s a great place to keep shoes, toys, or infrequently used pots and pans.

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