5 Ways to Make a DIY Grouting Job Look Professional

Posted on September 9th, 2016 by

Grouting is one of the final steps in installing a tile floor, and some homeowners choose to do this step themselves even if they hired a pro to do the rest. Though grouting is fairly simple, it’s important to do it carefully so the finished product comes out the way you intended. The staff at Carpet Mills of America, a leading Carrollton flooring store, offers some tips to make your DIY grouting job look like the professionals took over.

1. Pay Attention to Color

Go with a contrasting color if you want your tile floors to really pop or a color that blends with the tile if you want the floor to look like one big surface. Think about where you want to draw attention before you pick your grout color. Verify the color looks right by using a blow dryer on a small section before you tackle the entire floor.

2. Work in Sections

To make sure you are wiping off the excess grout at the right times, work in small sections. You’ll need to pay extra close attention to this rule if you are tiling a large room. The last thing you want to do is let the grout dry too much before wiping it off.

3. Pay Attention to the Grout Line Width

You can prevent eventual cracks in larger grout lines by using sanded grout. If your lines are wider than 1/8”, sanded grout is the way to go. For narrower grout lines, unsanded is fine.

4. Shape the Grout Line

Your grout will look better and be more compacted if you drag a flat nonmetal tool over each line. You don’t necessarily have to buy a specialized tool because you might have something perfect already sitting in your toolbox or garage. Anything that is the right shape and not made of metal will likely work.

5. Have Patience

Trying to grout before the thinset mortar dries can cause your tiles to become misaligned. If you try to seal the grout before it has fully dried, you can damage it. Follow the specific instructions for your product and don’t trust your eyes. Grout can sometimes look dry when it isn’t.

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