5 Dog-Friendly Flooring Options

Posted on May 20th, 2016 by

If you want to replace a floor in your home, the first things you likely think about are aesthetics and quality. However, if you own a dog, this may influence your decisions because you care about its comfort and also want a floor that won’t be ruined by frequent contact with a pet. Here are 5 dog-friendly flooring options to consider.


Carpet is your best bet if a furry companion lives in your home. Not only will it be comfortable to your dog’s sensitive paws, but if you buy a carpet with odor and stain-resistant properties, it can be a hygienic choice for your home as well. Just make sure your dog isn’t allergic to the type of fiber you choose.

2. Tile

You’ll want to avoid marble tile because it requires too much upkeep for the modern pet owner, but most other kinds of tile can be a good choice for a pet-friendly home. Tile is extremely durable and scratch-resistant, and it will be easy to clean during your puppy’s housebreaking efforts.

3. Vinyl

People love vinyl flooring because it’s an affordable, versatile option that can be installed anywhere in the home, and dogs love vinyl because they get great traction on it. Vinyl is also resistant to allergens, so you won’t have to worry much about contaminants seeping into your floor and making your dog sick.

4. Hardwood

Softwoods like pine, fir, and chestnut aren’t suited well for the scratches your dog’s claws might make. Their grain isn’t meant to handle systematic wear and tear. If you’re looking to install wooden floors that can withstand claws, go for exotic wood floors like oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, and bamboo.

5. Laminate

Some laminate floors look a lot like hardwood, but a special finish protects them and adds an extra layer of coverage between your dog and the material. Make sure you buy embossed laminate instead of glossy. If your floor is too slippery, your dog won’t have any traction on it, which can lead to accidents and injuries.

At CMA Flooring in Carrollton, we can help you find the right type of floors to accommodate the needs of both your family and the family dog. We offer a wide variety of high-quality flooring options, and we also offer installation services. Stop by our showroom or give us a call at 972-418-6606. We hope to hear from you soon.