10 Ways to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Posted on February 3rd, 2014 by

Are you feeling tired, anxious or uncomfortable? Maybe just a little “off”? It could be because of your bedroom. Some say that the arrangement of the furnishings in your home and bedroom play a big role in the amount of sleep, energy and peace of mind you experience on a daily basis. If you would like to create a more calming space, here are some basic principles of Feng Shui to help you rearrange your room and your center:

  1. De-clutter and clean. A messy room leads to a messy and anxious mind. Have a stylish storage item with a cover, like a storage bench or wooden chest, where you can stash random items out of sight and out of mind. If you still have a hard time unwinding before bed, jot down thoughts in a bedside journal.
  2. Remove your electronics. Get rid of the computer, TV and exercise equipment. There’s a place for all of these electronic items but it’s not in your bedroom if you’re looking for good Feng Shui. If you cannot remove the equipment, at least unplug it to help minimize the electro-magnetic fields (EMFs), creating a more natural space for rest.
  3. Up the oxygen. High quality oxygen and air flow in your bedroom is important, so open windows and invest in an air purifier. Go a step above by visiting a Carrolton flooring store and investing in new floors with anti-allergen properties like cork, hardwood, laminate or bamboo.
  4. Bring nature indoors. Add a small pot of flowers or a stone fountain to your room to experience the immediate sense of calm and peace that nature provides. Living plants are beautiful to look at and are shown to lower blood pressure and increase positive thinking; just don’t place these items right next to your bed.
  5. Add comforting details. Try lavender aromatherapy candles, a plush bedside rug or put up photos of loved one on a wall where you can see them.
  6. Have different levels of lighting. Adding a dimmer switch to lamps is an easy solution or you can consider purchasing a natural light alarm clock that gradually glows brighter as the time to wake up approaches. Don’t stun your senses with bright inorganic lighting all day and night. When possible, always open blinds to allow natural light to enter your room.
  7. Choose your Feng Shui colors. The best bedroom colors should be soothing, warm and sensual. Consider adding more deep blues, dark chocolates or pure white tones and avoid red at all costs.
  8. Close all doors before bed. Close your bedroom door, any other adjoining doors, closets, drawers and kick out any pets before slipping off into a deep sleep. Closing doors signals that you can now close off your mind and drift into sleep without the annoying chattering of your subconscious.
  9. Add elements of metal, water and wood. Metal increases clarity, water promotes calm energy and wood stimulates health and vitality. All of which are great to have present in your bedroom. The element of wood can easily be accomplished by installing classic, beautiful and affordable hardwood flooring in your Carrolton, TX home.
  10. Relocate your bed. Your bed positioning is one of the most important Feng Shui principles. Make sure your bed is easily approachable from both sides, have one bedside table on each side for balance, and be able to see the door from bed without having it in line with the door; In other words, you shouldn’t be staring directly in to the doorway from your position in bed.

CMA Flooring truly hopes that some or all of these Feng Shui principles can help add comfort, elegance and peace to your bedroom. However, sometimes all you need to have added calm and clarity is fresh new flooring. If you would like to talk to a CMA Flooring expert about adding new carpet or hardwood flooring in your home, call us today at 888-262-6552!