Your Personality, Your Floor

Posted on July 7th, 2014 by

Your personality is unique to you, and so is your home. A huge part of your home is the flooring and it says a lot about you. You want to make sure the flooring you choose not only makes you happy but that it also matches your personality. Here are a few examples on how to choose the right floor for you.

You enjoy running at the crack of dawn with your golden retriever, who you trained yourself. The ring on your finger is from the state championship in high school. The ball from that game is in your home because you were the MVP. The weekends are dedicated to your rec softball teams or time in the gym. You are playful, warm, and exciting- you are “The Athlete.” The best flooring for you would be carpet. It’s gentle and durable for when you want to roll around with your dog. Like yourself, it offers warmth, and it’s cheaper than most other flooring. Carpet flooring absorbs sound so your neighbors won’t complain when you decide to do some step aerobics or Tai chi in your living room.

Everything in your backyard is edible. You don’t own a car because the emissions are bad for the environment. There is no meat in your home and you have a compost bin in your backyard. You are “The Hippie.” You care about forests and trees and frequently hug them. The best flooring choice for you would be bamboo. Not only does bamboo grow relatively quick, but it also can grow without seeds. Oak or maple trees that are cut down for hardwood floors need to be replanted. While bamboo is an exotic wood flooring choice, it is grown without any chemicals, so there is no harm done to the eco system or the lives in your home.
If you feel like you are constantly cleaning up after your kids, never have any “me time”, and don’t even want to think about installing high-maintenance home items, then you could be “The Soccer Mom.” You need easy and durable flooring that you can run a paper towel over to clean. Laminate floors would be your best fit. Laminate floors have multiple layers to soften any falls and it is also hypoallergenic. Laminate floors don’t stain or scratch and are fade resistant. So there’s no need to panic when your in-laws come for a visit because your laminate floor will still look brand new.

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