4 Halloween Home Design Trends You Need to Try

Posted on October 7th, 2016 by

This Halloween, don’t go the boring route with your home décor, sticking to the same old things you’ve tried in years past. It’s the season of adventure and intrigue, and the staff at CMA Flooring in Carrollton recommends adding some hot design trends to your home to make this Halloween’s decorating the best you’ve ever seen.

1. Metallics

Metallics are extremely popular in home décor, and you can extend this popularity to the Halloween season. Bring in some metal pumpkins in hues like copper and silver, and cover your home with golden candelabras. You can even purchase spiders, mice, and bats in silvery metals for a cool, yet spooky vibe. 

2. Antique Vintage

To get an otherworldly, creepy look, transform your home into an antiquated Victorian space. Bring in some appropriate props and furniture and drape fake cobwebs everywhere to make it look like the space comes from another time. You can even sprinkle baby powder on the floor to give off a dusty look, like the place has been around for centuries. 

3. Purple and Green

Purple and green are a hot Halloween design combo because the colors add plenty of drama and contrast. Go about your usual Halloween decorating, but incorporate these colors everywhere from your candles to your jack-o’-lanterns. If you want to go all out, you can even opt for installing tile flooring in these colors to really keep up with the theme.

4. Tech Effects

Use technology to add another layer to your Halloween decor. You can opt for laser lights, smoke machines, and sound machines to add your own creepy soundtrack come the Halloween season. These elements can take your autumn design plans to the next level, and they are perfect for a Halloween party.

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