4 Safety Tips to Remember During a Remodel

Posted on September 18th, 2015 by

Many people enjoy the satisfaction that comes from completing a home-improvement project on their own. Before tackling a DIY remodeling project, the experts at CMA Flooring in Carrollton hope you will consider these four important safety tips.

1. Wear Eye Protection

When you’re renovating your home, protective goggles are a necessity. No, your prescription lenses don’t count. Your eyes are vulnerable to flying debris, chemical vapors and other hazards related to remodeling. Make sure to wear a quality pair of shatterproof safety glasses or goggles that include side guards.

2. Wear Rubber Gloves

Some remodeling projects involve handling harsh chemicals, so it’s wise to have a pair of rubber gloves. Without them, your hands will absorb those harmful chemicals and cause skin irritation or burns. The color of the glove indicates the level of protection it offers, so remember that those yellow kitchen gloves aren’t going to cut it for home renovations.

3. Wear a Respirator

If your project involves demolition, sanding or hazardous fumes, you will need to protect your lungs from dust, and airborne pollutants, especially if you’re using lead-based paint. Hardware stores carry a variety of respirators that are designed to protect you from everything from sawdust to volatile organic compounds.

4. Never Work Alone

Studies show having an extra person on the job helps both people to work safely. Should an accident occur, having someone else on the project, or even just in the room, can mean the difference between life and death. Additionally, it’s helpful to have an extra pair of eyes to point out any safety hazards in the area.

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