4 Tips for Creating a Fire Pit Yourself

Posted on November 18th, 2016 by

If you’re looking for a nice enhancement and feature for your yard, a fire pit is perfect for cooler evenings to gather around and enjoy the warmth of a fire with friends and family. By building your own pit, you can customize it to match your style. The flooring and design experts at CMA Flooring in Carrollton, TX, offer a few tips for creating a basic 36 to 48 inch-wide circular DIY fire pit.

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

When designing your fire pit, choose between rustic fieldstones, brick or concrete pavers, or solid masonry blocks. You will need enough stones to stack as high as 2 feet. You will also need a shovel and gravel for drainage, enough to fill the bottom of the pit approximately 12 inches deep.

2. Find a Safe Location to Build It

Select a location for your fire pit that is a minimum of 20 feet from your house and preferably not under any low-hanging tree branches. Measure the diameter out in at least two directions (4 points) and draw a circle on the ground. Dig out 12 inches of grass and soil from within the circle.

3. Use Your Stones to Form the Pit

Begin by stacking a layer of stones around the outside of your circular pit, then stagger the next layer of stones to overlap the joints of the layer below. Continue stacking up to 12 to 24 inches high, depending on your preference.

4. Add the Gravel

Fill the center of your pit with the gravel base, and you’re ready to make a fire and enjoy the warmth. It is always a good idea to have a hose or a bucket of water nearby to put any embers out before you head inside for the evening.

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