5 Design Tips for Creating a Modern Nursery

Posted on October 28th, 2016 by

Even though a baby will be too young to appreciate the look of his or her nursery, many new moms and dads enjoy creating an attractive and functional design to the room. If you’re about to turn your bonus room into a brand new nursery, the staff at Carpet Mills of America in Carrollton has a few suggestions to incorporate into your design plans.

1. Utilize Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is one of the great secrets of nursery and playroom organization, so don’t be afraid to use it. Put shelves and cupboards on the walls, hang baskets from the ceiling, and attach hooks to the backs of your doors. These suggestions can help keep your baby’s toys, clothing, and accessories better organized.

2. Consider Different Flooring Types

Carpet is comfortable, but it can stain easily. The hardwood floors Carrollton families love typically last a long time, but they might not provide enough cushion or heat insulation for your infant. Cork flooring is fashionable and functional, but it requires regular maintenance. There are pros and cons to every flooring type, so make sure you do your research when deciding what’s right for your nursery.

3. Get Creative with Lighting

Lights are a necessity when you’re trying to calm a crying infant at 3am, but you don’t have to limit yourself to overhead bulbs. Things like nightlights and mood lights can be easier on the eyes in the middle of the night, and a well-placed window can infuse your nursery with natural sunlight during the day.

4. Stay Energy-Efficient

If you’re putting any appliances or electronics in your nursery, it’s a good idea to go green. Not only can this save you money in your first few years as a parent, but it also ensures you never have exorbitantly high power levels fluctuating in your baby’s room.

5. Be Flexible

Your needs and priorities will change as your child grows older, and you’ll want your nursery design to accommodate these changes. For example, diapers will become less important after your child potty-trains, but putting your changing table on wheels allows you to move it from the forefront of the room as necessary.

If you’re having trouble determining the right design for your new nursery, get in touch with CMA Flooring. We are a leading provider of Berber carpet, hand-scraped wood, and limestone flooring in Carrollton, and we also offer affordable installation services. For a complimentary quote, please call one of our friendly representatives at [hca_phone] today.