How to Keep Your Carpet Pristine

Posted on October 9th, 2015 by

Carpeting can be a beautiful addition to your home that also provides a nice cushion under your feet. There are several things you can do to keep your carpet looking as clean and beautiful as the day it was first installed. Planning ahead, making a few changes, and doing some routine cleaning can pay off. The Carrollton flooring experts at Carpet Mills of America suggest these tips to extend the life of your carpet.

Plan Ahead

Look carefully at the care instructions for your carpet before installing it. A rec room or den may need a carpet that can withstand a lot of activity and be highly stain-resistant. A light color or deep pile carpet will require more vacuuming and general upkeep. Consider indoor/outdoor carpeting as an inexpensive, easy-to-care-for option.

Go Pro

Use a professional company to thoroughly clean your carpet at least once a year. Professional cleaners are familiar with various fabrics, weaves, finishes, and the best methods to get the job done. If you have pets or allergies, more frequent cleaning may be needed.

Treat Spots Quickly

Don’t let spills have the chance to become permanent stains. Most potential stains can be cleaned up quickly by wiping with a damp cloth. Water, club soda, and baking soda can remove many spots before they set.

Put Out the Welcome Mat

Stop dirt at the door with a mat outside and inside each doorway, and make sure those who pass through the threshold are actually wiping their feet. Use a hemp or coir mat outside the door and a rubber or carpet mat inside the doorway.

Use a Runner

For a long carpeted hallway, use an attractive runner to absorb dirt and heavy foot traffic. This will not only add a nice decoration, but will save time cleaning and can extend the life your carpet underneath.

Keeping your carpet beautiful only takes a little TLC, but if you need some more suggestions, the flooring experts at CMA Flooring would be happy to help. If you want the finest choices in hardwood, vinyl, tile, laminate, and carpet flooring in Carrollton, contact us at 972-418-6606. We look forward to hearing from you.