Redoing Floors? Consider Mixing Different Types of Flooring

Posted on February 3rd, 2015 by

It’s not uncommon to see flooring mixed when tiles are placed in front of a fireplace while the rest of the room is carpeted, but rarely do we let that mixed flooring inspire design ideas throughout the home. Although it’s not a traditional idea, mixing flooring types within one room has become an exciting new way to add interest to any area, and a favorite design trend among the flooring experts at CMA Flooring in Carrollton, TX.

What Are My Design Choices?

Almost anything goes when it comes to design. Use your personal tastes as a guide. Use a combination of tiles or hardwoods to create geometric designs, or place wood flooring in the center like you would an area rug and surround it with tile. Define workspaces by doing most of a kitchen or bath in wood while using a contrasting tile in the work areas. You can even create an eye-catching fade effect where one room transitions into another.

How Do I Pick Colors?

Choosing colors will really depend on the feel you want for the room. For example, if you stay within the same color palette throughout, say a charcoal peppered Berber carpet with gray slate, you’ll get a room with understated sophistication. On the other hand, you can form an unexpected design element with contrasting colors, like dark brown granite next to light pine flooring, just make sure to keep tonal values the same–don’t mix a primary color with a faded neutral.

Which Floorings Complement Each Other?

There are dozens of flooring options out there, like tile, stone, carpeting, and hardwood. Almost any combination of these can be mixed within a room, just depending on taste and budget. The biggest challenge to keep in mind is the thicknesses of different flooring options. Tile is obviously much thinner than a plush carpet or thick stone and could create a problem unless you use an underlay to raise the thinner flooring to an equal height.

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