4 Ways to Repair a Hardwood Floor

Posted on February 5th, 2016 by

Wood flooring can be beautiful when it is well maintained. However, there’s no need to stress if you’ve discovered something wrong with your hardwood floor. Even damaged floors can be brought back to life with the right care.

1. Remove and Patch Damaged Boards

No matter how careful you are, at least one stained or cracked floorboard is almost inevitable in every house. Luckily, all it takes is a quick switch to rectify the problem. Drill a hole into each end of the damaged plank, carefully connect the two holes with a circular saw, and gently pull out the old board. Cut a new board to size, smear on some wood glue, slot it into the empty space, and then stain and varnish it to match the rest of the floor.

2. Eliminate Scratches

While some scratches can be camouflaged by applying a new coat of varnish or just throwing a rug over the area, actually removing the scratches is easy. Sanding and then refinishing the floors can make them look new. This can be done either by hand using fine-grained sandpaper or by renting an industrial sander. 

3. Fix Loose Floorboards

Loose or creaky boards can usually be fixed in minutes, though it will take most people months of irritation before they get around to it. Start by drilling a pilot hole into the loose floorboard, then hammer a nail into the hole and use a nail set to countersink it. If desired, wood filler can be smoothed over the new nail to hide it, followed by lightly sanding and varnishing the board.

4. Fill in Deep Gouges

Another quick fix, gouges can be repaired using wood filler. Thoroughly clean and gently sand the damaged area first. Add the filler and, once it has dried, sand it down as well. Stain and varnish the wood if necessary.

Though many hardwood floors are repairable, it might be time to replace yours, or perhaps you just want a new look for the flooring in your home. If you are searching for the Carrollton flooring store with the widest selection of flooring options and solutions for keeping your floors in good shape, contact CMA Flooring today at 972-418-6606.