5 Steps You Need to Take to Restore Your Old Wood Floors

Posted on December 30th, 2016 by

For most homeowners in Carrollton, exotic hardwood flooring is the epitome of class and style. However, many otherwise responsible homeowners neglect their wood floors over time. Here are a few tips for rejuvenating your wood floors and preserving their beauty, brought to you by the staff at CMA Flooring.

1. Sand the Surface

First off, make sure to strip away any existing stains or paints. Rent or buy a drum floor sander to blast away the excess material. Use a random orbital sander for the margins and corners.

2. Fill in Cracks and Dings as Needed

Spaces in between the planks are bound to appear as your floors expand and contract. Plug cracks and gouges with the appropriate wood filler, then sand the floors again as needed to level them out.

3. Get the Humidity Levels Just Right

Every type of wood has its own unique expansion properties that must be dealt with. Seal up the room or rooms being renovated and play around with humidifier or dehumidifier settings until the floor looks right.

4. Stain or Paint the Exposed Hardwood

If you like the natural color of your hardwood flooring, Carrollton flooring experts recommend using a relatively clear stain to preserve that look. Otherwise, pick a color you’d prefer more and roll on a layer or two of stain or paint.

5. Seal with the Right Product

Once your stain or paint has dried, it’s time to lock in the look for good. A polyurethane finish keeps hardwood at the right moisture content and protects it from casual abuse.

When you put in the effort to revitalize hardwood floors, it’s in your best interest to protect the results. Carefully monitor humidity levels, use furniture coasters, and repair any damage that occurs as soon as possible.

Some wood floors cannot be restored. If you are looking for high-quality materials to replace your hardwood floors or need help with installation, get in touch with CMA Flooring, a leading provider of home flooring Carrollton residents trust. Give us a call today at 972-418-6606 and one of our friendly representatives would be happy to provide a free quote.