5 Easy Upcycles for Everyday Items

Posted on April 27th, 2015 by

Two things at the top of almost everyone’s “to-do” list are finding ways to save and ideas for going green. One of the easiest ways to do both is to repurpose everyday household items. Here are 5 that can be easily upcycled to save both money and the environment, furnished by Carrollton flooring experts, CMA.

1. Old Magazines

Ever wonder what to do with that stack of old magazines? Instead of throwing them away, try reusing them as boot forms. Simply roll up one or two magazines and stick them inside a pair of knee high boots. Just like that you’ve got an easy way to recycle that paper and keep your boots in great shape.

2. Jars

Jars from things like baby food, jam, or sauce can add up to great organization when you reuse them to store small items. Paperclips, tacks, small nails and screws fit well. Swirl some paint inside and let them dry before using for a colorful touch.

You can also make candles, store dry goods like sugar or flour, or use them for toiletries like cotton balls and Q-tips.

3. Diaper Boxes

Grab some fun fabric, spray adhesive, and watch the magic happen. Cut the fabric to fit the shape of the box and attach with spray adhesive. Use the decorative boxes for storage, turn them into playthings for the kids like cars or kitchen sets, or use it as a toy chest.

4. Coffee Cans

Cut a small rectangle in the lid and hang upside down to dispense plastic shopping bags. Use paint or fabric to cover the can and add some style.

5. Detergent Bottles

These can make great watering cans for indoor and outdoor gardens. Use a hammer and nail to make several holes in the lid, then make sure to thoroughly rinse out any detergent residue prior to use.

Another great way to go green is to choose bamboo flooring over regular hardwoods. Bamboo is a quick growing grass that’s eco-friendly, and the bamboo used for flooring is not the species that Pandas eat for sustenance. To learn more, call CMA Flooring at (972) 418-6606 or swing by our showroom!