Home Design Tips: Mixing Patterns & Materials

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by

Design TipsTired of waking up to the same boring home décor, but worried you’ll spend a fortune trying to remodel and update your home in line with the latest trends? Fortunately, you don’t need expensive, time-consuming home remodels in order to breathe new life into your main living spaces. Here are just a few ways you can shake things up by mixing patterns, fabrics and other materials, presented by the CMA Flooring store in Carrollton, TX.

  1. Reupholster Your Couch – From cotton to viscose, there’s no limit to the different fabrics you can drape over your couch. Even with the exact same frame underneath, an easy upholstery project (which you can do yourself) can turn an outdated piece of furniture into a new and modern design piece for a low price. Contrast the couch with textured rugs and pillows to make the whole living room pop.
  2. Get Rid of Your Carpet – Most homes have beautiful hardwood floors hidden underneath drab and boring carpet. You just need to peel it off, refurbish the wood and rub a little oil into the oak to make it shine. And if the hardwoods aren’t in the best shape, consider installing new handscraped hardwoods or a new darker wood for a unique contrasting aesthetic. Click here for more information about hardwood floors in Carrollton.
  3. Upgrade Your Curtains – When replacing your curtains, look for woven fabrics in rayon or polyester blends. These will let the sunshine in while still being thick enough for privacy. Pick bold colors or patterned designs to add extra flair to your room and an additional layer of interest. It’s always best to purchase fabric samples so you can try out a few options before
  4. Do Some Vintage Shopping – Check your attic, basement or garage for old antiques or accent pieces from your past. With much of today’s trending design taking inspiration from past fads and trends, you might have something that you can add to your living space for a new look. Great options include vintage picture frames, gold and silver brushed lamps and even old books.
  5. Opt for Wallpaper – Wallpaper is coming back into fashion, and this time in bright bold patterns and textured options. Fabric wallpaper is a new hot trend in contemporary design, especially when offset by different textures and trends in the rest of the home. Go big with unique colors and types of fabric to make a lasting impression.

These are just five ways you can rejuvenate your interior design. Some are easier and more affordable than others, but all of them will kick-start the beginning of something new.