Tips to Get Your Kitchen Ready for Floor Installation

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by

Having a new kitchen floor installed can be an exciting adventure. However, if you want your new installation to go off without a hitch, you must do some preparation work first. The flooring and design experts at Carpet Mills of America have some tips to help you through the process.

Get Rid of Old Flooring

If you have any old flooring on top of the subfloor, it will need to be removed. If it’s linoleum, removal will likely be simple, especially if the adhesive is old. If there are ceramic tiles, you will need to get a chisel and attempt to remove them one at a time, or get a power chisel for quicker removal. Depending on the type of floor you have down and the tools on hand, this part of the process can take some time. 

Inspect the Subfloor

Once you unearth the covered subflooring, you may find sections that are weak or have mold. Replace any of these areas to ensure the new floor is able to withstand the process. Address any issues right away and don’t try to cover them up because they may cause further problems down the line. 

Remove Glue or Residue

If there was glue keeping the old floor attached, you need to remove this. Anything and everything will stick to the surface if you don’t. Get adhesive remover and an extra person to help clean this up because it may take some time. You can use a scraper to get most of it up, and a good mopping afterward won’t hurt either. Encountering tar can be more problematic and make floor installation almost impossible, but this can be covered over with a latex flooring membrane product like Siena Dragon Skin.

Sand Down Rough Spots

When you tear up an old floor, it may leave some rough spots or even tear off some of the subfloor. This can cause problems with keeping your new floor level. Go around the entire floor and sand down any spots that are high or may causes other problems for the new flooring. 

Make Sure the Floor Is Free of Debris

After you have done all the prep work, it’s time to sweep up any messes you’ve made and make sure the subfloor is ready for the new flooring. Whether the installation will be a DIY job or handed over to a professional, every little thing you do will only make the final parts of the job much easier.

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