Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring in Your Kitchen

Posted on June 19th, 2015 by

When designing your dream kitchen, your choice of flooring is extremely important. At Carpet Mills of America in Carrollton, we know that hardwood floors can be an enticing option for your kitchen. Below, our design experts have weighed some of the pros and cons of putting real hardwood floors in your kitchen.

Pro – When it comes to price, the pro of purchasing hardwood flooring is that is can be an excellent long-term investment. If you can maintain your hardwood flooring, it will help increase the overall value of your home.

Con The price of putting hardwood floors in your kitchen can be a con. While hardwood flooring can be pricey, there are still economical types of hardwood flooring to choose from. If hardwood is out of your price range, low-maintenance laminate flooring in Carrollton is another reasonably priced option.

Pro – Generally, kitchen floors can be difficult to keep clean because of frequent food and drink spills. However, compared to other types of flooring, hardwood is relatively easy to clean. As long as you ensure that your floor is properly sealed, hardwood can be some of the easiest flooring to maintain.

Con Though hardwood flooring can be easy to clean, it can also be high-maintenance and difficult to keep clean. The sheen from sealing hardwood flooring makes it easy to see dirt, spills, dust, and pet hair, so to keep your floor looking clean, you must be willing to sweep it almost daily.

Pro – If you have pets or children, or your kitchen will be used frequently, durability is likely a concern for your kitchen floors. There are durable flooring options, including harder woods, like maple and oak, if you are determined to have wood floors.

Con If you have fallen in love with the look of woods like cherry or pine, you may want to reconsider selecting hardwood for your kitchen. If your kitchen will be a popular, well-used space in your house, consider saving your favorite soft woods, like cherry and pine, for your bedroom.

Your lifestyle can make a difference when you are considering new flooring for your kitchen. If you’re thinking about redoing your kitchen floors and would like to learn more about your options for hardwood flooring in Carrollton, TX, give our flooring and design experts at CMA a call at (972) 418-6606. We look forward to hearing from you.