How to Remove Dog Scratches from Hardwoods

Posted on May 12th, 2014 by

Your canine companion might be your best friend, but chances are that your house has some battle scars from him or her as well. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple ways to remove scratches from hardwood flooring in Carrollton. If you are constantly fighting to keep your hardwoods looking polished, follow these tips to fix the damage and prevent it from happening again. 
How to Remove Dog Scratches from Hardwood Floors

Scratches are one of the most common problems for pet owners with hardwood floors. If you are dealing with a surface scratch, use a basic stain filled marker. Simply select a marker that matches your current stain and fill in the surface scratch. The directions will indicate how long the scratch will need to dry, if any, and can help you determine when second and third coats are necessary.

If you are working with a deeper gouge, you will need wood filler. The filler levels the scratch with the hardwood which can then be sanded down and stained to match the rest of the wood. However, matching stain can be tricky. Always start with a lighter stain, let it dry, and then check out the coloring. This allows you to gradually go darker until you get a perfect match.

If the scratches span over a large area, it is best to sand, stain, and reseal all the affected boards. You should re-coat the whole length of the board in order to get a consistent look. This is particularly true for high traffic areas. If the damaged area is smaller than a piece of paper, then resealing might not be necessary.

Preventative Care Measures for Pet Owners

A good polyurethane seal on hardwoods is the best defense. This will help to protect the floor from scratches, stains, and scuffs. However, even this will not completely protect the wood. Your dog should have his or her nails clipped regularly, which will help eliminate unnecessary scratches. A good rule of thumb is that a dog’s nails should be short enough so that you don’t hear a click when the dog walks on the hardwood. Some dogs will also need to have the hair between their toes trimmed so they don’t slip on the smooth surface.

Can’t Repair the Damage?

If you can’t repair the scratches in your hardwood floors by filling, sanding, staining and resealing, it might be time to purchase new floors. Today, pet owners who are interested in installing hardwood tend to prefer hand-scraped hardwoods which can help conceal additional dog or pet scratches. Carrollton laminate flooring has also come a long way, with many options closely mimicking the appearance of natural hardwoods, while providing additional strength and durability.

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