6 Ways to Repurpose Old Wood Flooring

Posted on March 23rd, 2015 by

6 Uses for Old Wood Flooring

Are you upgrading your old hardwood flooring to something new? Well, don’t just throw those old floorboards in the trash. The old pieces of wood can be used to make a number of creative and useful household objects.

1. Picture frames
Old, weathered wood makes a great picture frame. You can even leave the glass out and simply use the frame to highlight another element, like a craft project. If the flooring pieces are long enough, you may be able to frame an entire bathroom mirror.

2.  Serving tray
Breakfast in bed anyone? Just cut the pieces to length and nail them together. Matching trays make great wedding presents for young couples.

3. Wall shelf
Perhaps the simplest of all uses is a wall shelf. Cut the piece to length and attach it to the wall using brackets. Put up several of varying lengths at different heights on the wall to create a statement design element in your home.

4. Yard signs
Nail a few boards together, grab some paint, and you’ll have a yard sign before you know it. The sign can be purely practical, but you can also make it decorative. For instance, paint a spooky message on the sign for great homemade Halloween Décor. Or, may a fun sign to celebrate a birthday or anniversary celebration.

5.  Storage crates
Do you need a place to store blankets, tools, or toys? Make a cool rustic crate or box out of the old flooring. It will look like you spent a bundle, but all it takes is a little time and a few nails.

6. Side table
The more ambitious DIYers may enjoy using the old wood to make a rustic side table. Before you tackle this project, make sure you have a good saw, accurate measurements, and the proper safety equipment.

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