Summer Design Trends in 2015

Posted on April 20th, 2015 by

The summer season welcomes sunlight, outdoor activities, and a playfulness that often influences home design trends. When looking to update your space in the coming months, consider these summer trends from CMA Flooring in Carrollton that are both uplifting and bright.

1. Sky Blue Shades

This color emulates the beautiful weather outdoors in the summer and creates a calming effect. Consider painting an accent wall (ideally one with a window or doorway), shelves, doorframes, or a coffee table sky blue. You can also play with curtains, pillows, vases, trays, or table settings if paint is too much commitment.

2. Fig Leaf Trees

Add a fig leaf tree to your living room to add a touch of life to the space and give an airy feel. Put the plant in an exotic hand-woven basket to add an interesting design element.

3. Watercolor Florals

Dessert plates, wall art, pillows, murals, bedspreads, and place settings are just a few ways to incorporate this summer trend in your home. To avoid an overly feminine look (unless, of course, that’s what you’re after), trying balancing it with a more masculine feature. For instance, use an oversized area rug with a watercolor floral design in a room with a blue statement wall.

4. Marble Patterns

Marble patterns are chic and sophisticated, and create a stunning look in whichever room you choose. Consider using a marble canister to hold wooden spoons in the kitchen, make marble the surface of your dining table (if you can afford it), or pick up marble bathroom accessories.

5. Copper

Copper is the new gold. It’s modern, sleek, and adds a retro touch to all rooms of the home. It’s most commonly seen on light fixtures or on bathroom knobs as a beautiful upgrade.

Before getting swept away by the wonderful summer trends on the horizon, make sure the rest of your home is up to par. If your floors, countertops, or cabinets need a little work before you can add eye-catching design elements, let CMA Flooring help. We offer a huge selection of flooring, stunning craftsman style countertops, and cabinets for every room in the house. Call us today at (972) 418-6606 to speak with a CMA Flooring specialist!