4 Reasons to Choose Tile for Your Bathroom Floor

Posted on July 17th, 2015 by

When considering floors for your bathroom, you have a number of choices. Among the most common are vinyl, wood, laminate, and tile. While all these types of flooring all work well in bathrooms, flooring and design experts at CMA flooring suggest that there are some distinct advantages to using tile.

1. Water Resistance
More than anywhere else in your house, you have the most potential moisture problems in your bathroom. While you may try really hard to avoid spilling water after a shower, it’s hard to avoid having wet bodies drip on the floor or having water splash out of sinks and tubs. To help ensure the least moisture damage to your bathroom floor, consider selecting granite tile in Carrollton. As tile is not hospitable to mold and doesn’t retain water, the inevitable moisture in a bathroom will not be a problem with this flooring option.

2. Ease of Maintenance
Tile is easy to clean and is often easier to fix than wood or laminate. Because tile is installed piece by piece, if one tile has a chip or other problem, it can easily be removed and replaced without disturbing the rest of the floor. While other options like laminate would require removing large portions of floor, tile replacements are easy and take little time. Additionally, tile is easy to clean and does not require frequent or extended attention to stay clean.

3. Look
Compared with most other flooring surfaces, tile gives your bathroom an expensive look. Recent studies of homebuyers show that tile is more appealing for people looking at homes, particularly in relation to vinyl and laminate options. While hardwood and tile are equally liked by homebuyers, because of tile’s affordable price and durability in a wet place like the bathroom, tile is the most popular choice.

4. Safety
Because water is so slippery, the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Wet floors are easy lose your balance on and, particularly because bathrooms have many sharp edges, falling in a bathroom can hurt. While you cannot prevent falls, in comparison to other flooring materials like wood, laminate, and vinyl, tile presents less of a slip risk. Tile, especially ceramic tile, has ridges and a studded surface that offers more grip.

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